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Project concept of the quarter Pulkovo Stars

The project is based on the concept Technical Service Park (TSP) concentration on the same territory multi-type corporate centers of big industrial manufacturers which produce industrial machinery and techniques for different enterprises. It is supposed that there centers will combine advertising, trading and also service functions, i.e. they could be at the same time a whole-year exhibition center for saleable equipment, a service center for pre-sale preparation and service, an office for administration stuff and ware-house for spare parts.

It is also considered that the project will include such types of retail business as Outlet and Power center. They are not connected with TSP directly, but perfectly combine with the infrastructure of the pre-airport zone and partly promote successful function of TSP bringing great number of visitors.

The total area of the project "Pulkovo Stars" is 43 hectares and it is divided into two functional zones:
  • (TSP) Technical Service Park zone - 25,2 hectares
  • Retail zone - utlet center, Power center - 11,9 hectares
The total area of building objects is 94 000 square meters.

Technical Service Park

Outlet center

Power center

The objects of the quarter Pulkovo Stars   To a table of contents

Technical Service Park (TSP)

The technological retail format was presented in St. Petersburg market before only by some separate objects which were not jointed by common integrated development and infrastructure, both service and engineering.

Technical Service Park is principally new format of territory development in St. Petersburg.

The demand of this format is caused by dynamic require for industrial equipment and techniques because of major modernization of production goods in many industries, active renovation in transport and engineering infrastructures (modernization in housing and utilities infrastructure, in energetic, road transport, railroad, airports etc.).

Before placing TSP more than 200 international and Russian companies from considered section of technological companies were examined. The results of the enquiry confirm the concept actuality of building multi-type centers. Today there are less than 30% of all great brands in the sphere of special, building and industrial techniques are presented by own exhibition and service centers in Russia. At the same time the number of companies coming into the Russian market in these spheres increases for 5-10% that is caused by growing demand. So, by estimate of BusinesStat in 2011-2015 the sales of building techniques in Russia will grows up for 16-17% annually and run up to 56 000-57 000 items in 2015.

The world practice shows that the main factor in choosing the place for exhibition and service centers is recognizability of the place, its transport availability and synergetic, so called energy of united actions. It is a situation when location of goods from different segments of technologic market results in promotion of general effectiveness that was paid into attention during preparation of "Pulkovo Stars" conception.

The competitive advantage of the present projects is also the active development of Pulkovo airport. Till the end of the first stage of reconstruction the significance of Pulkovo business zone will increase greatly. The cost of real assets in this area will also increase. From this point of view, the location of a corporate multi-functional center in the quarter "Pulkovo Stars" can be considered not only as an instrument of successful business, but also as a perspective investment.

General characteristic of SP:

There are 16 units for companies objects with total area of 25,2 hectares including:
  • 3 ground areas with the size of 0,7 hectares each (areas 8-10 on the zoning plan)
  • 11 ground areas with the size from 1,4 2,6 hectares (areas 1 - 7, 11 14 on the zoning plan)
  • 1 ground area with the size of 1 hectares for a hotel 3* (area 17 on the zoning plan)
  • 1 ground area with the size of 1,3 hectares for business center class » (area 18 on the zoning plan)
The total area of building objects is 57 500 square meters.

Outlet center

The market of trading real estate in St. Petersburg made a great quality and quantity success in development during last 10 years. Modern formats of shopping and shopping and leisure centers, hypermarkets etc are appeared. The total area of quality shopping objects is about 4,7-4, million square meters.

At present time in retail system of St. Petersburg the objects with Outlet Center format, which specialized on sale cloth brands with significant discount and in accordance with international standards, are not presented. Some retailers have opened in St. Petersburg separately located discount centers that confirm the readiness of the market to their appearance. However, there shops are located in different parts of the city that is not convenient for consumers. Outlet center is still actual for such a great megalopolis as St. Petersburg. It is confirmed both by enquiry of potential clients and by reputable market experts.

Location of the objects outlet format is more optimal on the areas having advantageous characteristics of transport accessibility and also in pre-airport zones. 'Pulkovo Stars" project is fully meets the requirements. Great demand of outlet centers, prospective development of traffic network, building above ground express create optimal conditions for outlet center location on "Pulkovo Stars" territory.

General characteristics of the Outlet center:
  • The total ground area: 6,4 hectares (area 16 on the zoning plan)
  • The total area of the building object 16 500 square meters
Specialized Shopping Center Power center

The average provision of St.Petersburg inhabitants by quality trading real estate is about 630-650 square meters per 1 000 inhabitants, that is in 2-2,5 times less than in developed countries.

In the affected area (10 minutes of transport accessibility) there are 23 quality trading objects with lease area of 420 000 square meters. The level of competition between traditional shopping centers is really high. Development of the near-by territory is calling into action very fast and in the nearest 3-5 years there are more than 4,5 million square meters of housing will be presented in the market. It will cause the additional development of Retail in Pulkovo local zone. In the structure of all presented and declared shopping centers in this area shopping malls, hypermarkets cash&carry and hypermarkets DIY are dominated.

Power center is another one modern format of retail business which is not completely presented in St. Petersburg. The conception of the Power center provides the location of four and more specialized shopping operators presenting the great value of foods in any category.

The characteristics of "Pulkovo Stars" area are fully corresponded the norms of choosing the ground area not only because of a great number of people in the zone of 15 minute drive, but also because of huge traffic flow at step accessibility of Pulkovo airport which capacity to 2020 will be about 17 million people annually.

General characteristics of the Power center:
  • The total ground area: 5,5 hectares (area 17 on the zoning plan)
  • The total area of the building object is 20 000 square meters



Area location and transport accessibility   To a table of contents

  • Pulkovo Stars project is realized in 4th biggest city in Europe St. Petersburg, which is great industrial, scientific and touristic center of Europe and Russia, a traffic center of Russia
  • Near new complex of Pulkovo airport
  • Near-by there is a public and business zone of Pulkovo-3 and a business zone of Pulkovo airport
  • Near-by the planning zone there are medium and low-rise comfort class apartment clock
Pulkovo Stars area has perfect transport accessibility to all main roads in the south part of St. Petersburg and main radial transport systems (belt high-way and west high-speed road).

There is only 5 minutes' drive from the boarders of the area to the main roads, the area directly connected with Pulkovo road by means of the drive having status of interurban drive. It is also has a boarder with breaking alternate road of Pulkovo road. The realizing project pays attention to perspective development of transport infrastructure and optimally integrated into road network.
  • 30 minutes to the city-center of St. Petersburg
  • Less than 5 minutes to the new terminal of Pulkovo airport
  • Drives to Pulkovo road and alternative Pulkovo road
  • Less than 5 minutes to the belt highway and the west high-speed drive
  • Optimal drives from the territory to Volkhonskoe and Tallinskoe roads
  • 500 meters from future local station of above-ground express

Legal status of the area   To a table of contents

Juridical clarity of the project is one of the main conditions for making decisions. All the territory of "Pulkovo Stars" is private property.

Under the present project one of the greatest international audit company made Due diligence of the investment object to examine legal and town-planning statues of the area and also all risks connected with location corporate centers on these areas. Offering the participation in this project to big international and Russian companies, we are ready to present comprehensive information about this question.

Engineering support   To a table of contents

In according to the engineering conception and territory development and land survey plan (being working out at preset time), each area of the complex will have all necessary engineering services: gas, electricity, water, and drain in accordance with their technological requirements.

At present time "Pulkovo Stars" quarter has engineering resources for this stage of building. Future engineer support with be together with development of all airport zone.

Development of Pulkovo zone   To a table of contents

Prospective of Pulkovo airport development

Pulkovo airport, being a part of external transport body of St. Petersburg, is basic and international airport. There are all modern types of native and international aircrafts are operated. At present time (in accordance with coming in operation after reconstruction the air strip #1 in Pulkovo-1) Pulkpvo airport is the only airport in Russia which has two air strips according to international standards.

In 2007 the preparations for realization airport development project were started. In 2009 the international investors syndicate (air gateway of the north capital) won the competition and started the realization of the project.

The first stage of the project (till the end of 2013) includes:
  • Building of centralized passenger terminal with total area 137 723 square meters
  • Building of 23 contact parkings and 41 distant parkings (in comparison with present 47 parking on the platform #1 (Pulkovo-1 terminal))
With coming into operation the new terminal in 2013, Pulkovo airport will become one of the leading modern air-transport points in Europe. The number of passengers from present 6-7 million people annually will increase up to 17 million people to 2020.

This factor will have important advantageous effect on development of pre-airport territory, increase business activity and statues of near-by territory.

Offer for participation in the project   To a table of contents

At present time basing on marketing and architectural conception the development plan and land survey project are under construction.

Managing Company "Pulkovo Stars" invites to the project participants and investors. We are ready to take into account your requests at the stage of engineering. The companies submitted their applications until 31.12.2011 will be given started credits.

Contact information:

Managing Company Pulkovo Stars
61A, Pulkovo rode, St. Petersburg, 196140, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 998-50-50
Fax: +7 (812) 708-38-42
Mail: info@pulkovostars.ru